Coswick Ltd. was successfully awarded with MAS Certified Green® certification, made by independent US laboratory that tests for VOC emissions and their effect on human health in different materials including those made for use in the construction of habitable and public spaces. Testing was done on main Coswick products, 3-layer hardwood flooring and all types of mosaic flooring.

Programs like MAS Certified Green® (Materials Analytical Services, LLC) help leading construction companies in Europe and around the globe, importers, architects and designers to choose materials and house décor, whose quality and environmental safety is attested by a well-known laboratory. MAS Certified Green® sets out rigorous standards to product testing in compliance with ISO 17065, and is recognized by LEED, BREEAM, CDPH, BIFMA, CHPS and GSA.

“Sustainable Building is a worldwide trend and nearly all big and important construction projects go through a complex appraisal compliant with LEED and BREEAM environmentally friendly and energy efficient building criteria. Of course, investors and GC companies set extremely high requirements in respect to environmental characteristics of materials. In our experience and in experience of our partners abroad the number of such projects is growing by the day. Having a MAS Certificate recognized everywhere is a boost to Coswick’s competitiveness as a supplier of clean products, and it allows us to partake in high-profile international projects”, explained Maxim Astapchik, Sales Development Manager.

Coswick pays close attention to ensure that its hardwood flooring is environmentally friendly and helps sustain a healthy human environment through research, testing and international certification. Products are regularly tested for VOC emissions. Coswick hardwood flooring is compliant with the highest safety grades in EU (E1) and the USA (NAUF, ULEF)

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