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Welcome to RDS Global Allianz

RDS GLOBAL ALLIANZ CORP. is a distributor of high quality finishing materials for interior and exterior wall, flooring and ceiling.  We are committed to achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction by carrying superior products, offering expert service, and consultation. We value customer satisfaction and make sure we deliver what we promise. We find innovative materials that will make unique design solutions possible.

We are a one-stop-shop for our customers’ needs. It is part of our business to keep our prices competitive, and to never sacrifice quality and service to cut costs. We source our materials from all over the world to find the best in each category. We find real design solutions for our clients.


Some Interisting Facts

RDS GLOBAL ALLIANZ CORP. aims to be a leader in the exterior and interior finishing of residential and commercial projects. Our aim is to constantly innovate and find new ways to enhance design and architecture. Our goal is to provide clients with excellent quality products and service. We have trained designers and staff that can help clients, designers and architects translate their concept into reality.

Here are some of the brands we carry –

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